Fasson self-adhesive roll materials
Flint Group inks
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Flexo Don - your reliable supplier of FASSON self-adhesive materials and Flint Group printing-inks
Delivery time does not exceed:
- usually 1-3 working days for all materials on stock in Rostov-on-Don, depending on ordered quantity;
- during 10 working days for materials on Moscow stock and booked for delivery to Rostov;
- duting 4-6 weeks for special exclusive materials, to be delivered from european warehouse;
- for new projects speedy delivery of reel 250 /333 mm х 1000 will be considered;
- A4 sample sheets by UPS service to your address - within 7-10 days from your inquiry;

Free delivery of orders from 10000 sqm

Always on stock:
- MC PRIMECOAT NG FSC S2000NG-BG40BR (semi-gloss paper 80g/² acrylic adhesive);
- MC PRIMECOAT NG FSC S2045N-BG40BR (semi-gloss paper 80г/² rubber-based adhesive);
- THERMAL 200HD PLUS FSC S2065N-BG40BR (TOP-coated thermal paper with rubber-based adhesive);
- MP PLUS SILVER FSC S2045N-BG40BR (vacuum-metallized paper "silver" with rubber-based adhesive);
- PP60 TOP WHITE S6500-BG40WH FSC (PP 60 microns white with acrylic adhesive);
- PP60 TOP CLEAR S6500-BG40WH FSC (PP 60 microns clear with acrylic adhesive);
- PP50 TOP SILVER S692N BG40WH FSC (PP 50 microns silver with acrylic adhesive);
- PP50 CAVIT TOP WHITE S692N-BG40WH (PP 50 microns white pearl effect with acrylic adhesive);
- PP NG TOP WHITE S2045N BG40WH (PP 60 microns white pearl effect with rubber adhesive)
We have also some of Wine collection - pls contact for checking availability.
Always big stock: over 20 types of materials over 1 mln sqm and abt 3 tons of flexo-inks, varnishes and additives. Vast warehouse of total 1700 m², dust-free floor.

Fast and quality slitting on KAMPF and Peter Schmitz machines;

Top-feeding helps to avoid contaminations and dust on material to give highest printing quality
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